Babis Ioannou and Tasos Sotiropoulos start their cooperation in 1977 by undertaking complex building projects in Saudi Arabia, as well as the construction of flats and houses in Greece. In 1982 Alexander Van Gider joins the team and they establish ISV Architects and partners. Today, ISV employs 55 people including architects, engineers, designers and industrial designers and has expanded its activity in the acquisition of land, urban development, construction and sales of residential and business premises.

The basic architectural philosophy of ISV is the best living conditions for the habitant, whether a residential, a commercial or a retail space. The architectural space is therefore structured around these activities, to offer the user, not only a utilitarian value, but also a sense of pleasure and an enhancement of the quality of life. Elements contributing to this are the appropriate use of light, a stimulation force that attracts all living beings, the geometry of spaces, a key factor to any proper architectural composition and the corresponding position of the furniture as an extension of human activities. The importance of the courtyard, an integral part of the Greek house, the fusion of the exterior with the interior through large glass surfaces, offering plenty of light, make an area friendly and functional.


The anthropocentric approach, the innovative design and pioneering construction techniques, the use of fundamental principles of the modern movement, and the respect of the Greek region, outline the main axis architectural philosophy of ISV. The work of ISV is characterized by constant experimentation with materials, new technologies, innovative forms and the creation of innovative solutions tailored to the needs and desires of the user, as well as to his/her aesthetic pursuits..